Know Your Recycle Rights

We’re taking the guess work out of recycling across the Liverpool City Region. 

Do you ever pop something in the recycling bin in the hope that it is collected and can be recycled?

You’re not alone!

According to WRAP, 80% of UK households put items in their recycling that are not collected locally.

We want to change that.

So, we are encouraging everyone to Know Your Recycle Rights!

There are six materials that we can currently collect from households across the Liverpool City Region, and when they’re recycled right, they are turned into an array of new products which help us keep materials in use for as long as possible.

Watch our video below to meet and learn the journey of our recycling!




*If you live in St Helens, the materials that you can recycle and the ways in which you recycle them are different. For more information on recycling in St Helens, please click here.