Recycling isn’t Rubbish!

We’ve launched a new campaign to target recycling contamination across the Liverpool City Region.

Across the Liverpool City Region* we can currently recycle six key materials; paper and cardboard, food tins, drink cans, glass bottles and jars, and plastic bottles. (*Please note: Accepted materials for recycling vary in St Helen’s for more information click here.)

And to make the most of our recycling, we need to reduce contamination rates across the city region.

What is contamination?

Contamination occurs when the incorrect items are put in our recycling bins, or our recycling is bagged. This has a negative impact on our recycling rates and can ruin entire loads of recycling.

Why does this impact our recycling rates?

When recycling is not kept clean or is tied in plastic bags our recycling process is unable to separate these materials out of the recycling stream. This can lead to entire loads of recycling being contaminated and thus treated as rubbish.

How can we reduce contamination?

Reducing contamination is easy! All we need to do is recycle the right materials, leave them loose and keep them clean (i.e. rinse out bottles and jars, and avoid putting greasy or wet paper and cardboard in your recycling bins)!