Leave It Loose

Recycling Loves to be Left Loose

This campaign  concentrates on residents CONFUSION on what to recycle, and CONTAMINATION in recycling collections.


  • This means that the wrong things are being put in the recycling bin – and if there is enough of those wrong items, then the bin can’t be recycled – and all that effort that you as a resident have put in will be lost.
  • Contamination¬† can also include things like recyclable items that have been bagged and put in the bin, or even just normal waste being put in the recycling bin.
  • We can’t sort bagged recyclables and can’t removed normal waste from recycling bins.
  • In fact – no bin liners, plastic bags or refuse sacks of any kind of any kind.
  • These types of bags, and normal waste can’t be separated from your recycling.
  • The bags also damage equipment and increase the costs of dealing with your waste.
  • Please remember recycling loves to be left loose… and please don’t mix your recycling with any normal waste.
  • Putting bags and normal waste in recycling collections is a waste of your time and effort – and means we can’t recycle.
  • Keep it simple – just lift the lid and put it in!


  • There is a lot of confusion about what can and can’t be recycled in your recycling bin.