Hazardous Waste

Medical and clinical waste

Medical and clinical waste is not accepted in your local council’s kerbside recycling bin, bag or box. However some household clinical waste can be disposed of in your residual (normal household waste) bin. Items include the following – please ensure that all items are securely bagged or wrapped:

  • disposable nappies, items used to dispose of urine, faeces and other bodily secretions or excretions
  • used disposable bed pans and bed pan liners
  • incontinence pads
  • stoma bags
  • empty urine containers where there is no risk of blood contamination

Your local council may be able to provide an additional bin if you have large amounts of household clinical waste – please contact them direct.

Some types of clinical waste are considered to be hazardous and must not be disposed of in bins provided for general household waste.

  • If you are being treated in your own home by a health care professional, then the healthcare professional will advise on the correct method of disposal for your clinical waste.
  • If you are producing clinically infectious waste associated with cytotoxic and cytostatic medicines and you are not being treated by a health care professional in your own home, please contact your healthcare provider for further information regarding the safe disposal of this waste.
  • If you are a self-caring patient using injectables, for example, if you are a person with diabetes, the GP or healthcare worker should prescribe you the appropriate container such as a sharps box and will advise you of local disposal options including a local pharmacy. Find your nearest pharmacy to dispose of your sharps box.



  • Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority can dispose of some hazardous household waste types at some Household Waste Recycling Centre.
  • This service it is dependent on what the waste is, and how much of it there is. Please call Tel: 0151 255 1444 to check before travelling to a Centre.
  • Examples of hazardous household wastes include: garden chemicals, weed-killers, insecticides, household cleaning products.

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